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Educational Wooden Hitting Hamster

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Quickly beat this wooden multipurpose hamster toy to grow up your child's self-confidence while playing. You need to aim at the hamster to quickly beat and cultivate the baby’s response and concentration. Parents give encouragement and praise to stimulate the baby’s interest in playing and cultivate self-confidence.
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Stimulates kids' dexterity
  • Safe to use
  • Boost musical growth and sound recognition
  • Enhances kids' social skills
  • Family bonding activity

Wooden Hitting
Includes Number Maze and 8-Note Xylophone

This is a multifunctional toy set that includes a classic pounding bench, a musical xylophone, and a number maze puzzle. When you hit the ten pegs on the bench, the hamsters take turns jumping up and down and flashing their smiles.

The act of pounding strengthens arm muscles and improves hand-eye coordination. Playing the 8-note xylophone promotes auditory recognition and musical development.

It's made of high-quality wood that is both sturdy and smooth. The surface of the world was polished with water-based paint. It is non-toxic and odorless. When babies play, they are well-protected and free of worry.
Object Recognition and Motor SkillsNo better way to get your kids active and happy than with this fun wooden toy. This educational wooden hitting hamster toy, which comes with a number maze and 8-note xylophone is designed for children of all ages. This toy will have an impact on your children long after they have grown up. This toy helps your child develop their critical thinking skills, and accompany them throughout their childhood.
Use hammers to easily play with the toy
Learn maths and explorePerfect fun for your kids as they learn maths and explore a world of educational activity. Our wooden hitting hamster toy accompanied with a number maze will not only help your child recognize numbers but will also aid brain development at an early age. This toy’s bright color variety and shapes help stimulate the creative side of your kids' brains as they grow up. This way they are exposed to artistry early enough to explore their imagination as they play with this toy set. It’s a full health and fun package rolled in one!
What's included?This toy contains a number maze that is easy for children to slide. Put the numbers on the 0-9 number reference pattern into the matching game to exercise children's finger grasping ability. These toys are made of high quality, sturdy and non-toxic wood that is safe for play, durable, and long-lasting. The number maze feature allows your child to compose amazing melodies and beautiful songs by striking the xylophone. One-click to open the music box to turn on the wonderful music, let your child listen to and play as you want, press twice to turn off the music.
Material: Wood
Product Dimension: 14 cm x 24.6 cm x 12.8 cm (5.5 in x 9.7 in x 5 in)
Weight: 1050g (2.3 lbs)
Age: 3+

CARE TIPS: Clean the surface gently with a dry cloth.
Our toy is suitable for children under the age of 10.
This toy is made from high-quality wood.
Yes, the surface of the toy is polished with non-toxic and water-based paint.
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