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Fun Interactive Montessori Education Sound Book

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This Fun Interactive Montessori Education sound book is the perfect way to introduce kids and early school starters to early education. Filled with colorful pictures of alphabets, numbers, and objects, kids can learn how to pronounce and spell basic objects correctly. The audio sound system serves as a fun guide to teach kids the correct pronunciations, while the sketch page allows kids to improve their drawing ability.
  • Fun interactive learning
  • Healthy fun alternative
  • Self-teaching book
  • Perfect gift for kids

Fun Interactive
Montessori Education
Sound Book
Great Learning MaterialThis book is an expert piece designed to improve kids learning of basic subjects. The audio sound system reads and spells out every object, number and Alphabet in the book to teach kids how to pronounce, recite and spell. It is an excellent piece for kids looking to start school and young students having issues comprehending simple basic academic subjects.
Engaging And Healthy Fun

Multiple Learning
Material and
Drawing Board

Available in
Spanish and

Made with
High-Quality Paper
and ABS
How To UseAt the top right of every page, there are four clickable markers specified words. The first marker changes the language to English or Spanish; the second call out object names, the third spells, while the fourth allows kids to take a test. When browsing a page, press any second or third button and click on an object to read or spell it out.
Self-Teaching Book
Material: Paper and ABS
Product Dimension: 22 cm x 1.5 cm x 25.3 cm (8.7 in x 0.6 in x 10 in)
Languages: English and Spanish
Age: 4-6 years

Technical Information:
Battery: 3 x AA batteries

Keep away from water. Keep properly after kids are done with it.
The battery can last for more than three hours on continuous usage.
No. Both are to be used together. Do not attempt to detach.
Yes. Apart from instructing them on how to use the buttons, kids at any age can use the device without adult supervision.
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