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Magic Little Bee Intercom Walkie Talkie Kids Toy

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The magic bee walkie-talkie is a great way to set your child up for a world of fun and essential skill development. This toy comes with channels and a transmission range of 3km to ensure that your child never has a dull moment. The packing box comes with two walkie-talkie pieces which means that you can keep one to check your kid when out of sight. It is extremely safe and uses disposable, non-toxic batteries.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop independence and leadership skills from an early age.
  • Cool monitoring device.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Great gift for kids.

A world of fun!The magic bee walkie-talkie is a great way to
set your child up for a world of fun and
essential skill development.
Make your Kids expert detectiveswith this magic bee walkie talkie as they have
immense fun while developing communication
skills amongst others.
Develop great leadership and communication skillsThis walkie-talkie is an excellent way for your kids to explore skills such as effective communication and problem solving. This toy helps get your child out of their shell as they will have a fun-filled need to communicate more with you, siblings and friends.

Your kid may also develop a high level of independence which can help build a leadership mindset in the future.
Magic Bee Details
SAFE MATERIALThis walkie is made with an eco-friendly ABS outer plastic that does not pose any threat to kids' safety. It has a couple of electrical components securely covered by the rubber with a detachable cover that allows for putting battery.
TRASMISSION RANGEThis walkie-talkie covers a maximum transmission range of 3KM and can pick different channels. It has five functional buttons that give kids access to switch it on and off, change channels and lock a desired one. The screen has a red light that makes it usable at night.
COME IN TWO COLORSIn order to give kids the option of not having to have the same colored device, we made sure that this walkie-talkie came in pink and yellow colors, which are among Kids' most loveable colors.
Encourage healthy funIt is not so great for your kids to subject themselves to long hours of screen viewing as it can cause serious eye strain and leave them in pain. This walkie-talkie is a great alternative that keeps them moving around and exploring their imagination for hours. It is also effective in developing communication skills as kids get to play with their family and friends.
Monitoring deviceWith a transmission range of 3 kilometers, you can contact your kids at one end of the talkie as they explore their imagination and curiosity. You can also give clear instructions on how far to go and request regular updates on your kids whereabouts. This way you don’t have to run around the house every 5 minute to confirm your child's safety.
ABS + Electric component

117 x 79 x 42 mm
1 to 3km

The magic bee comes with a transmission range of up to three kilometers, giving your child great fun.
No. It uses AAA batteries as electrical operation can be unsafe for kids.
No, it can pick on different channels. Once you have picked the desired channel, you can lock it by holding the MENU down for two seconds.
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