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Montessori City Map with Detachable Car Toys

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Check out this great mat that improves kids' basic essential skills while they have great fun. This Montessori city map activity toy is one of the best ways to keep your child fully engaged and cut screen time. The mat, which consists of printed buildings, roads, and detachable cars, allows kids to explore and improve their imagination by performing activities simultaneously. It is engaging, and up to four kids can play at a time.
  • Super fun activity city map
  • Improve essential skills
  • Objects recognition and basic learning
  • Great for group play
  • Healthy fun

Montessori City Map
with Detachable
Car Toys
Object Recognition & LearningHelp your child learn first-hand what a car looks like and get to know what basic road signs stand for. They can also place the names to objects that they see every day as they play with this map.
Super Fun Activity City Map

Made With
Cloth Fabric

Plastic Cars
Included with

Essential Skills
Super Fun Activity MatGet your kids in high spirit with this city map where they become the king of their city. This expertly designed map and toys ensure that your kids have fun without ever getting bored.
Perfect Gift For Kids
Healthy FunThis city mat map is the perfect way to divert your kids' attention from excessive screen time. Watch how they spend more time learning and having fun with this map instead of sitting in front of the screen.
Material: Cloth and Plastic Toys
Product Dimension: 130 cm x 100 cm (51.2 in x 39.4 in)
Weight: 220g (0.5 lbs)

Brush stain off the mat.
Keep the toys properly after kids finish playing.

What's in the box?:
• Cloth map
• Plastic toys kit
• Street lights
Yes. The plastic cars come with the mat.
Yes. Kids can play together or with their parents.
It cannot be damaged by water.
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