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Wooden Montessori Activity Centre Triangle Toys

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Leave your child engrossed and learning for hours with our activity center

This multifunctional Montessori activity centre/triangle is the best gift for your child.
It is fun for babies to flip the letters and pictures, slide the fish, count using the abacus beads and draw using the hidden artboard. With touching, spinning, sliding different activities of the colorful and sturdy activity center by their little hands, your baby will discover something new whilst widening their understanding of the world.

The Montessori activity center is an exploratory play toy, with multiple modes of play stimulating multiple forms of learning.

As a result, children will be engaged for longer and more often. The activity center will grow with your child as they will unlock different features.
You’re your baby can sit upright; your baby will enjoy spinning the letters and sliding the beads.
Later they recognize letters, numbers, pictures, and words the toy will become more interactive and more engaging.


Sturdy multifunctional toy 

The activity center is a 5-sided triangular prism with reversible blocks, abacus, clock, zig-zag fish sliders, and a secret whiteboard.

Each side will keep your child mesmerized for hours with their interactivity and moving parts. Stimulate your child’s learning by touch.

The zig-zag fish help them to explore how the fish swim in the sea.

A touchy orange-friendly clock that teaches hours, minutes, seconds, and 24-hours.

Spin the letters to reveal words and pictures that match each letter.

Using the reversible colorful blocks, teach your baby the associations between letters and words with engaging illustrations to reinforce the connections.

For example, M flips to Monkey, O flips to Orange and P flips to Panda and tells them how Monkey moves and makes noise, how yummy is the orange and how Panda moves and what do they eat, etc. It is a great tool to teach your baby to speak and communicate.

Fuel their analytical side with the abacus and clock sides to learning counting, numbers, and telling the time

The colorful sliding abacus provides a useful tool for your children to master counting for the first time. Watch them slide the counting rings from left to right. It is also good for them to learn colors, simple math such as sums and subtractions within 100.

The clock invites hands to have a feel and experiment with changing the time. The detail helps them pick up hours, minutes, and seconds.

Bring letters to life for your child:

  • 26 alphabet letters and 4 numbers on one side and corresponding words and pictures on the other.
  • The abacus includes 8 multi-colored rows with 10 counters each.
  • Secret whiteboard for free drawing and artistic experimentation.

Our Wooden Montessori Activity Centre Triangle Toys is recommended for children over the age of 3.

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